Fresh ideas for 
hot summer days

Summer is finally here and lures us outside with its warm rays of sunshine.
The heat is better tolerated with cool snacks, drinks and fresh treats.

I C E  C R E A M  T R E N D S
Selfmade pistachio ice cream 

 Pistachio ice cream: A controversial type of ice cream that you either like or avoid, but can be found in any ice cream parlour. I like to put a handful more roasted, salted pistachios in the ice. Because salty complement is sweetly simply perfectly. But of course, you can also let them out. My extra tip: Pistachios are usually much cheaper in oriental grocery stores.

I C E C R E A M   T R E N D S
With creamy regards: 
20 ideas for frozen yoghurt

Unpack your ice cream and yoghurt machine and feed it creamy yoghurt, because yoghurt is the new ice cream! Once you've mastered the basic recipe, a white canvas opens up for your creativity. Mix yoghurt with delicious Cookie Dough, colour yoghurt in galactic colours or fill it between two crispy biscuits. As a little inspiration, here are our 20 Frozen Yoghurt favourite recipes.

Well prepared for hot summer days

Breakfast, lunch or dinner can also be enjoyed with an extensive picnic in nature. 

When cushions, blankets and baskets are packed full of colourful treats,
you can get started. 

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S U M M E R  T R E N D S

The Smoothie Guide who
 answers all your questions

There are smoothies in all imaginable colours - sun yellow and fire red. My favourite variation - a radiant violet.
Blueberries and blackberries join coconut
 milk and almond paste. 

Take a look at Summer Trends

What vegetables for smoothies?

In addition to spinach and lamb's lettuce, 
cabbage, salad and chard are also added to the mixer. What else tastes good?

Which mixer for my smoothie?

A green smoothie in the morning, creamy soup in the afternoon, fresh pesto in the evening and a glass of homemade almond milk afterwards? We'll give you the right mixer.

Take a look at Blender Hanno

How do I get a perfect consistency?

Fruit, vegetables and water - that's all it takes to mix a smoothie. You can put lamb's lettuce and mango in your blender, baby spinach and pear - filled with water.
S U M M E R  B B Q
Long summer barbeque
At barbecue evenings with friends, there are usually two camps: the steak fans on
 one side and the poultry friends on the other. After the grill is heated, the question arises: 
'People, what's the first thing to put on the grill?
Some want marinated chicken breast, others a juicy neck steak.

Essentials for a spicy barbecue dinner

Chili Strings

6,50 € *

Smoking Boards


Pepper white, Muntok pearl

6,50 € *

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Smoking Board Cedar Wood
Highlights30 x 14 cm, set of 10Canadian cedarwoodMoisture content below 14%Important: leave to soak in water for 1 hour before use5 planks each with a smooth and rough surfaceCleaning by handContents 10 smoking boards

17,90 €*

Smoking Pipe – incl. aroma bag 6 pcs.
HighlightsMaterial: Plastic housing with anodised aluminium jacketRemovable smoke compartment with integrated filter4 AA batteries are still required

29,90 €*

Stainless Steel Smoking Box – 21 x 13 cm
HighlightsThe smoking box can easily be placed on the grill grate or in smoking devices of gas or Using coal grillsstainless steelheat-resistantThe box can be filled with herbs, wood pellets or smoking chipsBox and lid dishwasher safe, gentle hand washing however recommended

8,90 €*

Digital BBQ Thermometer
HighlightsDimensions: Transmitter: 12 x 7 x 2.5 cm Receiver: 7.8 x 5.8 x 1.5 cmWeight: Transmitter: 90 g Receiver: 45 g each without battery and receiver material: plastic body, LCD, stainless steel probes LFGB testedRadio synchronisation of transmitter and receiver up to a range of 30 metresUse up to 3 sensors simultaneously.

39,90 €*

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